Reward points

Teleflora offers reward points to thank you for your loyalty.

Buy flowers on our website and receive reward points for each order.

Reward points = Discounts on our website

How do reward points work?

Each item purchased on our website includes reward points. These reward points are converted into coupons.

Where can I find the reward points for each item?

The number of reward points you get is reflected with the item description page.

Your reward points pile up!

Each time you place a new order, you will get new reward points, which will add to the ones you already have. You can see the total reward points you have accumulated at any time by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT" at the top of this page. The number of reward points you can get does not have a cap or deadline to be consumed!

How much is a reward point worth?

A reward point is worth € 0.10. So 10 reward points are worth € 1!

When and how can you use your reward points?

Your reward points are deductible from your order after your third purchase or having accumulated at least 20 reward points. On the summary page of your order, click on the "Use my reward points" option to deduct the discount from the total of your order.