Our Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data

1 - Teleflora adheres strictly to the LOPD

I. Transmission of personal data to third parties

  • Data collected on our web site may be transmitted to our partner companies to allow you to benefit from appropriate offers on our products and services.
  • On the order form from which your data is collected, you may choose to check the box indicating your preference for us not to transmit this information to any third parties (business partners etc.)

II. Your right to access and correct any personal data transmitted

As stipulated in the LOPD, you have the right to access, modify, correct or delete any personal information that concerns you. You may exercise this right by emailor contacting us at Servicio de Transmisiones Florales, S.L.U. - Avenida Josep Tarradellas 8-10, Piso 7 Puerta 3, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

2 - Over and above our legal obligations

In addition to our legal obligations, Teleflora has made a commitment to respect the following ethical rules:

I. Cookies

Teleflora deposits cookies in your browser´s memory. Their duration is unlimited. They contain a unique identifier for each browser and record the history of your visits to our site and each of its component pages. You may configure your browser to refuse these cookies or delete them at any time without affecting your ability to browse our site.

II. Data concerning your order

Any written messages or photos you may choose to send with your order are considered as confidential data. In accordance with our legal obligations, this information is stored in a secure environment for a limited period of time.

This information is accessible only to our production staff and is used only to process your order. Your addressee´s details are used exclusively to ensure the timely delivery of you order. Teleflora is bound by professional confidentiality and will never transmit this information to a third party or use it for commercial purposes.

III. Birthday and anniversary reminders

Our "Birthday and anniversary reminder" facility offers you the option to receive e-mail reminders of your chosen dates. This information is strictly confidential and will never be utilised for any reason other than you own personal usage.

IV. Use of e-mail addresses

When you place an order on our web site, you provide us with you e-mail address, which is used to process and follow up your order. This address is also used to send you information bulletins about our products. If you no longer wish to receive these bulletins from Teleflora, you may click on the link provided at the bottom of the message to unsubscribe.

All data submitted for payment purposes and in particular all credit card numbers and expiry dates are processed in a highly secure environment according to the latest internet security protocols. Teleflora has entrusted its payment system to a partner specialising in secure online and electronic terminal payments. We do not access or store any information concerning your credit card.