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Occur in subtropical and tropical moist climates, such as South America and Africa. We're sure you'll love these delightful begonia with its spectacular flowers.
The two factors that are vital for ensuring healthy begonia plants are: give it bright light but keep it out of direct sunlight, keep the soil moist, but don´t overwater it, cut off spent flowers and check foliage for fungus.
The pot is included in the price.

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At Teleflora we offer 24 hours flower delivery all year round.
When you buy on, your order is sent to one of our artisan florists located in South Korea.
Then, Stunning fresh flowers are handcrafted by our local florist and personally delivered.
Our florist will arrange a delivery attempt with the recipient of your order.
We will try that the bouquet you ordered is as similar as possible to the one you receive. However, be aware that varieties, colors and container may vary due to local availability.

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