Florist Choice - Valentine´s Day

Florist Choice - Valentine´s Day

Ramo de de florista para San Valentín en tonos rojos: confía en la red de Teleflora y libera el talento de nuestros magníficos floristas.
Ellos llevarán a cabo una composición con flores y follaje de temporada, poniendo todo el cuidado y la creatividad que tu regalo de San Valentín se merece.
Selecciona abajo el tamaño de tu ramo:
- Tamaño Classic: Ramo de 20 cm de diámetro.
- Tamaño Deluxe: Ramo de 25 cm de diámetro.
- Tamaño Excellent: Ramo de 30 cm de diámetro.

Product photo 25 cm

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At Teleflora we offer 4 hours flower delivery all-year round, including Sundays and public holidays.
When you buy on, your order is sent to one of our 1800 artisan florists located across Spain.
Then, Stunning fresh flowers are handcrafted by our local florist and personally delivered.
Our florist will arrange a delivery attempt with the recipient of your order.
We will try that the bouquet you ordered is as similar as possible to the one you receive. However, be aware that varieties, colors and container may vary due to local availability.

Delivery price: €9.95